PO Box Rental

Hanmipost offers PO Box rental for those that need a place to receive their mail and packages.

Why get a PO Box?

In this every changing world, people are on the run, trying to get the most out of their lives.  We spend much of our lives out and about, achieving our hopes and dreams.  We are more mobile, and away from home.  Unfortunately our mail isn’t as quick to change as we are.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place to help keep track of your mail and have it ready for you when you want it?

So who needs a PO Box?  Let’s take a look at our “Completely made up and fake” testimonials.  Yes they are fake and the pictures of our customers are actually stock images (we do this to protect the privacy of our customers), but they do speak the truth.  These are common reasons our customers use our PO Boxes.

Cost Savings with a Commercial Address

I’m a furniture designer that works from my home office for my main company (They’re  located in Los Angeles).  They need to send me samples weekly but have explained the cost of sending me samples has sky rocketed because of the additional “residential” charges they incur by sending to my home.  I opened up a large sized PO Box at Hanmipost and because they are a retail store, my company sends packages with the commercial rate.  The cost of the PO Box covers itself with just two shipments per month.  The company is glad that I am looking at the bottom line, they promised me fish tacos next time I’m in LA LA Land!

– Susie Q

Size Doesn’t Matter (That’s what She said)

It’s all about convenience.  First off, Hanmipost emails me anytime I get mail in my PO Box.  No more mail checks followed with disappointment that there’s nothing there.  Second, I sometimes get a large package.  Grandma just loves sending me knitted socks…  If it doesn’t fit in my PO Box, Hanmipost emails me and happily holds the package in their secure area until I come and get it.  Try asking another carrier to do that!  They’re like my personal assistant!  Thanks Hanmipost!

– William D Bill

In & Out Fan

I’m a industrial architect that has to travel around the world for contracts.  I actually have no physical home.  I am kind of like the Kung Fu guy (Take this stone from my hand), solving problems and walking a lot.  I do dress better than that guy though…  Anyway, so I started a PO Box with Hanmipost and they receive my mail.  They email me when I get mail.  I have requested that they let me know who sent me something and then I tell them to either destroy it or forward it to me.  They send me my mail wherever I’m in the world.  Pretty cool.

– Samir Kathuria

Stop stealing my packages!

I live in a nearby apartment complex and order various things from Amazon.  Unfortunately some neighbor caught on and started stealing my packages while I was at work.  I tried putting a sign “Do not take my packages” on my door, but some idiot stole my sign!  Thank goodness for Hanmipost’s PO Box Rental.  Now I can be at work and know my packages are delivered safe and kept safe until I pick them up.

– Jason Bowan

Small Company with a Big Style

I had been planning on starting a new company for a while now.  Problem is, I’m not ready to put money into an office.  At the same time, I need something that separates my home and my work.  I was going to get a USPS PO Box, but found out that they only receive USPS shipments.  Hanmipost receives USPS, FedEx, UPS and pretty much any other way (Did anyone say pidgeon?)

– Gloria Watson

Hanmipost PO Box Rental Features


So you’ve heard from our “fake” customers.  Let’s summarize the reasons why renting a PO Box from Hanmipost is the best solution:

  • No PO Box Number.  Your address is our address
       Your Name or Company

    3547 Old Norcross Road
    Suite E
    Duluth GA 30096
  • We accept all types of shipments, USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Hogwarts Owls 🦉, etc
  • Ship to us using Commercial Rates and save
  • We notify you via email when you receive mail
  • We can send your mail to you anywhere in the world (shipping fees apply)
  • We will receive packages that do not fit in your box at no extra charge
  • Add up to 2 names and 1 business name per box
  • NOTE: For security, PO Boxes accessible only during business hours (M-F 9-6, Sat 10-1)


Contracts are a minimum of 6 months.  We will email you when your account is about to expire so that you may renew.

Size & Price6 month
Small - $8/mo
(3’’ x 6’’ x 14.5’’)
Medium - $10/mo
(5.5’’ x 5.5” x 14.5”)
Large - $12/mo
(5.5’’ x 10’’ x 14.5’’)
X-Large - $15/mo
(11’’x 10’’ x 14.5’’)

One time fees:

  • Key deposit: $10.00
  • Setup fee: $5.00