Thank you for your interest in Hanmipost’s Business Account Offerings. At Hanmipost, we are committed to providing you with the best in customer experience, fast shipping and competitive prices.  For customers that have frequent shipping needs, we have developed our Hanmipost Business Plans to offer special pricing and services that will cater towards making your shipping needs more efficient.

Services Through Partnerships

Hanmipost has special partnerships with several shipping companies to allow us to offer a wide range of shipping services.  We provide:


  • Hanmipost Internal Korea Shipping Logistics
  • SF Express
  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • USPS

Hanmipost Internal Korea Shipping Logistics

Over the past seven years, Hanmipost has developed an efficient shipping logistics route to Korea.  This system provides to the door delivery of packages via air in about 5~7 days.  Customs clearance is included in the shipments.


SF Express

SF Express is the largest shipping company in China.  They have an expansive network of shipping lanes in Asia including: China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Hanmipost has a partnership with SF Express to provide authorized shipping through their service.  SF Express’s high quality shipping system is used for the entire process.  They handle the air cargo, customs clearance and real time tracking on their website.  We are proud to offer the best in China and Asia shipping.



Hanmipost is an authorized DHL ship center.  DHL offers shipping world-wide and is the leader in global shipping.  We have been able to work with DHL to offer strong discounts beyond their published rates.  Additionally we have created a flat fee document shipping service for as low as $34.95 (some countries are higher, please see the rate chart below).



Hanmipost is an authorized FedEx ship center.  FedEx is the best quality for domestic ground and express shipping.  Hanmipost works hard to offer competitive pricing however we recommend contacting FedEx to see if you may be able to get a strong rate as well.



Hanmipost offers USPS shipping as a convenience.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any discounts, as we do not receive any discounts ourselves, however should you wish to ship via USPS, we will be able to assist on those shipments.

More services are on the way!

Hanmipost continues to expand on it’s shipping contracts and as those options are available, we will include those services to our business customers.  It is our hope to be every business customer’s partner in realizing their shipping solutions.

What Are the Different Plans?

There are three different plans to choose from, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.  The differences are based on the frequency of your intended shipping. A monthly service charge of $20 may be invoked for those accounts not meeting the shipping frequency requirements.

  • Silver – No minimum shipping frequency required.
  • Gold – Must ship five (10) packages per month.
  • Platinum – Must ship (20) packages per month.