What’s the cheapest way to ship to China?

I purchased an item on Amazon and it was not as described.  I went to return the item and found out the shipper is located in China!  I went to my local shipping store and they quoted me a price that was outrageous.  I do not live near your store, but can I send it to you and have you ship it to China for me?  I also need a tracking number that I can send to the seller otherwise they won’t give me my refund. Can you help me?

Yes we can

This is a question that is frequently sent to us.  As more and more people purchase online through websites like Amazon and eBay, sellers are often shipping from China.  The problem is, when you want to return the item, they make you send it back to China before they will issue a refund.  Many people find out the hard way that trying to send something to China can cost more than the price of the actual item.  It’s frustrating…

We have a solution for you

We ship to China for only $6 per pound (with a 2 lb minimum).  Very often, sending your package to our Duluth, GA store plus the cost of having us ship to China is still cheaper than trying to use a shipping group near you.  (Please note, the weight is calculated by actual weight of final package (in box or polybag if not fragile) and the dimensional weight (Length x Width x Height / 166).  Whichever weight is higher will be used)

Tracking Number is included

When returning a package to China, you will need to have a tracking number that can track the package all the way to the receiver’s door.  Hanmipost provides a full tracking number that can be tracked in real time through the entire delivery.

Speedy Deliveries

We ship packages to China using SF Express, the #1 shipping company in China.  Most packages are delivered within one week of leaving our store.

Let’s Compare Prices

The following comparison is based on 2017 published rates by the most common methods to shipping to China.  This is for a 4lb box:

USPS (Tracking only within USA)$79.20
Hanmipost/SF Express$24.00

Send it to us and we’ll send it to China.

If you are not located near our Duluth, GA location, we can still help you.  Ship your package to us, and we’ll ship it out for you.  In many cases, shipping it to us and having us ship it out is still cheaper than other options.  We can also ship to other countries but we’re naming China as that has been the biggest request.

Follow these instructions below to get started.


  • Fill out our Shipping Registration Form.

    Click here to fill out our online SF Express Shipping Request Form

    Please fill out sender and receiver information. Receiver information can be in English, Korean or Chinese. Be sure to write in the description, quantity and value of the contents.

  • Pack it and Ship to us

    Pack your item and ship it to our store location using your preferred shipping method.

    For packages under 10 lbs, consider using USPS.  Otherwise, UPS or FEDEX are good for larger packages.

    Our Address is:

    DULUTH, GA 30096

    IMPORTANT: Change the Reference number (XXXXXXX) to the one you received when you filled out the form.

  • What about Online Purchases?

    If you are purchasing an item online (e.g., Amazon), you can have it shipped directly to us and just fill out the form.  That way you don’t have to pay for shipping to you then shipping to our store.  Cool!
  • Contact Us

    Once you have your tracking number for the shipment, please use our contact form to let us know it’s on the way.  Please include your reference number and the tracking number of your package (the tracking number of how you shipped it to us).
  • Sit Back and Relax 🙂

    When we receive your package, we will contact you and let you know of the charges.  We will send you an invoice to pay online and once paid, we will provide you with your online tracking number.  Please Remember: For packages shipped via Hanmipost Korea Shipping or SF Express, the package weight will be determined by either actual weight or dimensional weight, whichever is higher.(Dimensional weight is calculated by Length x Width x Height / 166).
  • Get Started Now

    Ready to start?  Click here to access our SF Express Shipping Request Form