Hanmipost takes delivering your packages very seriously.  We abide by Korea customs rules as required. By following the rules, we can ensure safe and correct passage of your packages.  This page is to help you understand the rules as defined by the Korea Customs Service.  It does not cover all information and is meant to be a synopsis for quick reference.  For the latest information please visit their official website at: http://customs.go.kr

Duties (Tax) on Packages

Duties on a package are determined by Korea customs.  They will check the value declared by the shipper and then determine if it is a correct and fair value.  If items are under declared, Korea may enforce additional penalties and require additional duties.

Generally, duties on personal packages are about 15~30% of the total value, depending on the type of products the package contain.

Duty Exceptions

Packages that have a total value under $200 generally do not have any tax collected.

Packages that contain edible or items applied to the face must have a total value under $150 to have no taxes collected.  There is a $5.00 customs tax charged to the sender on packages that contain these items.  Additionally the receiver’s registration ID is required for these packages. (See next set of information)

Examples of such items are:
  • Food
  • Medicine and medical supplies / dietary supplements / vitamins / toothpaste
  • Functional cosmetics (sunblock etc)
  • Skincare cosmetics (toner, essence, cream, etc)
  • In case the quantity of item is more than 10 items
  • In case that the simplified clearance by a customs director is not deemed reasonable

Registration ID

When sending packages that contain edible or items applied to the face, the receiver’s resident registration ID number must provided.  This is a requirement by Korea Customs and no packages will be delivered without this number.  The number MUST match the receiver’s name.  Should the receiver not wish to provide their resident registration ID number, they can obtain a Customs Clearance Number and provide that instead.

Therefore one of the following numbers must be provided:

  • Resident Registration ID Number (주민등록번호)
  • Customs Clearance Number (통관번호)


Note: If the receiver is a US Citizen, then the US Passport number must be provided.

Expensive Items

Expensive items are allowed to be sent, however these items will very likely be charged taxes.  Unfortunately we do not have a definitive list of the tax amounts as they change over time.  Please contact us should you wish to get an estimate on the expected duties.

Prohibited Items

The Korea Customs Office will inspect all packages for prohibited items.  If these items are found, they will be discarded. HANMPOST does not hold any responsibility in the loss of these forbidden items. It is important to correctly declare your items to make sure you do not run into problems.  Please take a look at the list to see if the item you wish to ship may be prohibited.  When in doubt, please contact us to have us try to determine if there might be a problem wish shipping your item.

Prohibited List

Prohibited list:

  1. Alive or dried animal/plant/seeds (walnuts, beef jerky, etc)
  2. Medicinal Herbs (mushrooms, deer antlers, etc)
  3. Vicks Nyquil Cold and Flu Multi Symptom Relief
  4. Melatonin
  5. Any laxatives
  6. Any kinds of dietary supplements of GNC MegaSeries
  7. Dietary supplements containing Alpha Lipoic Acid
  8. Nature Made Triple Flex: White Willow Bark Extract
  9. Any kinds of items that contain Echinacea component
  10. Any kinds of sexual function ancillary product
  11. Any kinds of weight-loss supplements
  12. Dairy products (cheese, milk, etc)
  13. Flammable products
  14. Human body remains (Ashes)
  15. Currency

Can I ship it?

If you are wondering if something can be shipped to Korea, take a look at the list below.  Please note, the Korean Customs Office may change their rules over time, therefore please confirm with us before shipping any of the items listed below.  These rules are provided as a best estimate however we cannot control the decisions of Korean Customs Office.  Items may still be declined for entry, therefore please use this guide at your own risk.  


ItemRestrictionsTax Implications
Wild GinsengNOTE: ginseng is very strict and depends on the decision of Korea Customs. Even with following the regulations below, the item may still be rejected for entry.
Must be in a sealed air tight package.
Must not include any leaves or dirt.
Up to .5 lb may be sent per shipment
$5 Customs fee.
15% if value over $150
PerfumeUp to 60 millimeters per bottle. $5 Customs fee.
15% if value over $150
TelevisionsTVs must be in original box.
Oversize Handling Fee:
< 60in = $50.00
> 60in = $75.00
Hanmipost requires all TVs must be packed in additional larger box for safe shipment. $50 packing charge (includes cost of larger box)
Dimensional weight will be charged.
Free insurance up $200. Add additional insurance at 5% of the value.
Additional oversized item door delivery charge must be paid in Korea (aprox. $55~$65 depending on size and location in Korea)
Televisions over $200 in value will be taxed. Generally taxes are 20%. We recommend providing a receipt of the purchase to include with your shipment.
Manufacturing SamplesAllowed. Must be under qty 3 per sample Likely none.
Prescription MedicineMust include the Doctor's prescription note with the same name as the person receiving the item.
Bottle label is not enough, must be the prescription note.
$5 Customs fee
VitaminsUp to 6 bottles per package. $5 Customs fee.
15% if value over $150
BatteriesBatteries that are soldered (permanent) in a device may be shipped. External batteries are considered "Dangerous Good" and are not allowed to be shipped through Hanmipost. Please contact us for more details or clarification.