Hanmipost and SF Express take delivering your packages very seriously.  We abide by country customs rules as required. By following the rules, we can ensure safe and correct passage of your packages.  This page is to help you understand the rules as defined by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China.  It does not cover all information and is meant to be a synopsis for quick reference.  For the latest information please visit their official website at: http://english.customs.gov.cn.

In recent months, China has very rigorously enforced their customs inspections.  Most packages are inspected, content values are checked, and duties are applied.  This can be frustrating for both the sender and the receiver, however it is the rules of the country and something we follow as such.

Duties (Tax) on Packages

Duties on a package are determined by China customs.  They will check the value declared by the shipper and then determine if it is a correct and fair value.  If items are under declared, China may enforce additional penalties and require additional duties.

Generally, duties on personal packages are about 15~30% of the total value, depending on the type of products the package contain.  The following chart shows simplified tax rates for different product types.

Product TypesTax
Books, newspapers and magazines, video materials for educational purpose
IT products such as computer, computer parts, food, beverage, vitamins, milk powder. Gold and silver, furniture, games or other items for festival and entertaining purpose.
Sporting goods (golf and equipment excluded), fishing goods, texture and its makings, telecamera and other appliance, bicycles, and other items excluded by category 1 & 3.
Precious jewelry and jade jewelry; golf and equipment; high-end watches; cosmetics goods

Duty Exceptions

If the total tax on a package is under $7.50, the tax is waived.

For example, if the declared value of a package is $45 dollars and there is a 15% duty applied to the package, the tax is $6.75.  It is therefore waived and no tax is owed.

Expensive Items

Each package can have a maximum value of 1000 Yuan (approximately $140).  If there is any item that is valued above 1000 Yuan, it must ship separately by itself.  Such an item can have a value up to 5000 Yuan (approximately $750 dollars).

For Example, if you wish to ship a luxury purse that is valued at $500 dollars as well as two shirts valued at $20 dollars each, you must separate the contents into two packages.  One will have the luxury purse, and the two shirts will be on the second package.

The two packages must be shipped out on different days as the maximum amount that can be shipped to one person is 1000 Yuan (approximately $140 per day).  Alternatively, you may ship the two packages to two separate people living at the same residence on the same day (as long as they have separate names, phone numbers and identification.

Prohibited Items

The Chinese Customs Office will inspect all packages for prohibited items.  If these items are found, they will be discarded. HANMPOST does not hold any responsibility in the loss of these forbidden items. It is important to correctly declare your items to make sure you do not run into problems.  Please take a look at the list to see if the item you wish to ship may be prohibited.  When in doubt, please contact us to have us try to determine if there might be a problem wish shipping your item.

Prohibited List

Prohibited list:

  1. Various arms, imitation arms, ammunitions.
  2. Various explosive, inflammable items. Gas.
  3. Various corrosive, radioactive, highly acidic or alkalic items.
  4. Various potent poisons, toxic substances.
  5. Various drugs, narcotics, psychotropic drugs.
  6. Various biochemical products, infectious materials.
  7. Any medicines.
  8. All kinds of publication, promotional material, printed matter, multimedia product, computer storage media would harm national security and social stability of china.
  9. Items were banned in circulating, mailing, entry and exit by national laws, regulations, and administrative rules (Such as state secrets, precious relics, endangered wild animals and their products).
  10. Various currencies, securities, or counterfeit currencies and securities.
  11. Valuables, personal documents, private letters.
  12. Animals and plants, or their specimens.
  13. Raw or cooked meat (including viscera) and its products; aquatic products.
  14. Milk and milk products of animal origin, including raw milk, fresh milk, yogurt, animal source of cream, butter, cheese and other dairy products without heat treatment. (Milk powder, milk candy, chocolate can be imported).
  15. Eggs and their products, including eggs, preserved egg, salted egg, eggshell, mayonnaise, and other non-heated source of egg products.
  16. Bird’s nest (except canned bird’s nest).
  17. Oil, hides, and wool, hooves and bone corner and its products.
  18. Animal feed (whey powder, blood meal, etc.), animal-derived medicines, animal manure.
  19. Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  20. Seed (seedling), capable of breeding, nursery stock and other plant material.
  21. Organic cultivation medium.
  22. Soil.
  23. A variety of tobacco, wine.
  24. Automobile and motorcycle parts and accessories.
  25. Photographic equipment, mobile phones, laptops, game consoles, Apple products.
  26. Book, CD, document classes
  27. Various perishables or items would impede public health (Such as bones, animal organs, etc.)
  28. White powder that is hard to be identified composition.
  29. Items with improper packing would endanger the personal safety, pollute or damage other goods.

Special Note:

  • Commodity containing eggs, meat, offal, milk of babies’ food supplement is actually prohibited and will be confiscated after commodity inspection.
  • Bulk foods are banned and required prepackaged.
  • A variety of semi-finished products to be processed (especially need a certain technology can only successfully assembled components) are not allowed to be imported, such as the charger components.
  • Non-personal items, such as the plastic tab and the tag gun.